FO's site is really cool, with lots of reviews, game oddities, the hilarious RAU sketch comedy, and lots of great video game music to download. Be sure to check it out!
Codie's site features: Lemmings! Also: Street Fighter Search and Find! There's also alot of articles, reviews, and some comics! I have to thank Codie for a lot of help on the site!
Cloudbond007's Gaming Archive

Cloudbond writes some good reviews, and also keeps archives of the Game Progress Topics from Port Saiid. There's some other interesting articles, such as humorous Star Trek sketches, as well as oddities from Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.

Deathamster's Nest

Although the Game Pond was before my time with this community, there are still many great sections featured here. In particular, the Game Ideas archive and review archive are very nice.

Crawl's Review Site

Crawl's reviews are great and insightful, but the reader reviews are THE BEST!

Sweetbee's Game Hive

This is a great Videogame humor site. Very funny stuff, as well as a hiliarious MS Paint fan art gallery, and the best coverage of Action 52 available on the entire internet. Seriously.

Daryn and Troy are longtime members of Port Saiid, but their website is brand new. Even so, they have quickly provided quite a bit a content. Video game reviews, odditites, music, and pranks.
Random Hoo-Haas

Great videogame articles, detailed TV show and cartoon coverage, and more all in one place! Ragey also keeps a regularly updated and entertaining blog.

Rage Quitter 87's Corner-Shop

RQ87's got all sorts of cool content here, including shrines to several games, toy reviews, a shine to Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken, and even coverage of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special!